Things I do every night before bed:

  1. Drink magnesium powder from Pure Essence to help my muscles relax while I’m sleeping
  2. Put on my blue blocker glasses from Swanwick
  3. Turn on my Himalayan salt lamp
  4. Journal (lately I’ve been using the Magic of I planner)
  5. Read (often while holding crystals like rose quartz)
  6. Cuddle with Evie

Each of these elements of my routine helps me wind down and prepare for restful sleep.  Here’s why:

  • Magnesium promote restful sleep, reduces muscular tension and aids in workout recovery (I often exercise in the evening so this is super helpful). I’ve tried a lot of magnesium over the years and Pure Essence’s Ionic Fizz is my current favorite, especially because it tastes amazing (use coupon code “ecovegan” for a discount!)
  • Blue light blocking glasses help reduce eye strain and regulate sleep hormone melatonin. I start to feel sleepy within an hour of putting them on. I really enjoy the style and comfort of Swanwick
  • Himalayan salt lamps are said to have a lot of benefits. Lately, mine has been sweating from the summer humidity – so fascinating! I find the shade of light it emits very soothing
  • Journaling helps me reflect on the day I’m finishing and the day ahead. I received the Magic of I astrological planner from Goddess Provisions and I really enjoy filling it out while learning more about astrology
  • I read almost every night before bed, mostly on my iPad. I use OverDrive to borrow digital books and read them for free through the Kindle app.
  • I keep crystals all over my home because I love the way they look and feel. One of my favorites lives on my bedside table and it often ends up in my hands as I’m unwinding.


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