Why Biochem Is the Perfect Protein Powder for Next-Level Travel

This post was sponsored by Biochem.

Before driving cross country, I spent a week deciding what foods and drinks to pack. I wanted to stay nourished and energized during long days. Finding balance was key too: I didn’t want to bring too much or too little on the road. Protein powder was an important addition to my supplies because it’s a quick way to feel satiated and to consume important nutrients. I chose to take Biochem along for the ride because it has exceptional flavor, has fantastic formulations, and blends effortlessly with water.

To conserve space, I scooped my favorite Biochem powders, the Vanilla Mood Plant Protein and the Chocolate Vegan Protein, into reusable glass jars. I hand wrote their names on the lids to make it easy for me and my travel companion to identify them in the storage containers. The jars worked perfectly for sprinkling the powder into a water bottle. Check out this Instagram Story Highlight to see it in action.

Previous to this trip, I had only experienced Biochem in the kitchen. As you can see from this post, their powders are lovely in smoothies and dessert recipes. You can get really creative with them and their flavors enhance any sweet treat. As one would expect, the powders combine smoothly with the help of a blender or mixing bowl. And as an added bonus: they don’t clump when shaken with water in a bottle!

I was blown away when I added Biochem into water. It didn’t need the support of a special blender bottle or an electric whisk – just a few shakes is all it takes to create a delicious protein drink. This makes it the perfect powder to travel with in the car, plane, train, boat…whatever transportation you choose!

It’s easy to see why Biochem’s mission is to help with next-level living. Their plant-based products taste great and make me feel great, thanks to their functional ingredients (that are keto-friendly too). Their Mood flavor is one of the most unique vegan protein powders I’ve ever tried, and my friends agree too! In fact, after I posted my first Instagram collaboration with Biochem, a fellow vegan gal said she bought it and was amazed at how delicious it tastes when blended with banana.

Check out the video I posted on Instagram to see how easy it is to make (click on my Story highlights to watch the video):

Visit Biochem online to learn more about their many keto-friendly and vegan options. You can use the handy product selector tool to provide a few quick answers to find the best products for your goals and lifestyle. Please let me know which you try and if you take them on any trips like I did!