Whitney’s Podcasts

This Might Get Uncomfortable

Navigating the complexities of mental health, emotional well-being, and life purpose.

Exploring success, failure, love, relationships, creativity, courage, and all the things that comprise the gloriously challenging human experience.

Epsidoes every Monday and Friday

Launched December 2019

Web3 With Whitney

A previously live show about cryptocurrency, NFTs, the metaverse, digital communities, the creator economy, and beyond.

Learn web3 lingo and terminology from a down-to-earth perspective. Gain an understanding of how to set up accounts and do it securely. Hear about what people from many different backgrounds are doing in this space. Get tips on balancing your mental health and well-being. Earn free social tokens from Whitney’s $WELL coin.

Launched January 2022. Currently on pause.

The Live eCommerce Podcast

Whitney co-hosts this show with her client eStreamly.

Each episode covers different elements of running successful live shopping events, marketing brands, and working with influencers/on-camera talent.

Episodes every Tuesday

Launched November 2021

Essentia: Rise & Thrive

What does it mean to thrive? Really thrive. To wake up every day not just rested, but resilient. Not just recharged, but ready for anything. And not just happier, but healthier – from bedtime to all the time. To thrive is to rise, without compromise.

We explore some of the biggest topics in wellness and how they affect our sleep.

Season 1 wrapped. Season 2 coming soon

Launched August 2021

This Hits The Spot

Whitney’s private podcast for newsletter subscribers and Patreon supporters.

Centered around product recommendations, including satisfying plant-based food, bombatious beverages, impactful supplements, and helpful services.

Launched June 2021