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Social media has been a passion of mine since 2009 when I started studying Twitter. Ever since I’ve been fascinated with digital marketing strategies and how they can help my work plus that of others. This lead me to consulting and coaching many small businesses and entrepreneurs on optimizing how and what they post online.

Web and mobile applications are a big part of social media management and there are a plethora of tools that help save time and generate ideas. One of my current favorites is MeetEdgar (or just plain Edgar), which I recently started using for a client. Before deciding upon this tool, I spent weeks comparing options for drafting, reviewing, and scheduling posts. Since my client has a team with a graphic designer and copywriter, we needed something that was collaborative, intuitive, and rich in features.

Initially, my client was using Buffer to manage and schedule their social media posts. I found the on-boarding process confusing and the interface felt outdated and lacking. We decided to switch to Edgar in September after they integrated Pinterest into their system, which was a seamless process.

In a lot of ways, Edgar is similar to Buffer, which made the transition very smooth for me and my team members. Their mobile applications are almost identical and they have the basic options to schedule posts. What makes Edgar special is the ability to create post variations and easily re-post over and over again. I also much prefer Edgar’s interface because it’s straightforward and thus easy to navigate and understand. You can read an in-depth comparison to Buffer, Hootsuite, and SproutSocial here if you’re thinking of switching too.

The process on Edgar is easy – just connect your social accounts, then click “add content” or import your content URL to queue it up in the library. You can add your own time slots in and/or select the suggested times. For Instagram, you’ll need to download the mobile app so it can notify you when it’s time to post (this is the only semi-manual element of Edgar, which is true of comparable tools). That’s all you have to do. If you’d like to optimize the process, check out their best practices for tips on taking things to the next level.

The Edgar team has fantastic customer support. I love their newsletter and blog, which are full of helpful social media tips that feel easy to implement. They even have premium online courses that are free for their members. Plus, their overall vibe is very positive and encouraging (just one look at their octopus logo makes me smile). It doesn’t feel corporate and instead, the team is hands-on and responsive. I’ve followed the work of their founder Laura for many years, which also lead me to sign up for her new business endeavor: Paperbell (more on that in the future).

Edgar has come a long way since I first heard of this tool in 2015, and it keeps improving. Adding Pinterest this year was a big deal and they also now offer a Lite plan for just $19/month (with discounts for military and non-profit users). There are many alternatives for social media management and I know this is the best decision for me and my client’s needs.

Want to try it out? You can use my Edgar affiliate link to sign up for a free 7-day trial. Note: if you enroll in a paid plan I will receive monetary compensation. I encourage to become an affiliate too because they have a fantastic rewards program!