As a white woman, I’ve struggled to navigate the injustices playing out in my country. I stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and yearn to contribute to the conversation around systematic racism. The countless posts from others on social media often feel confusing and overwhelming. Sometimes I feel paralyzed with indecision about the right actions to take in solidarity. Other times I’m fearful of the potential blowback from saying the “wrong thing” regardless of good intentions.

Each day I strive to educate myself so I can better understand and contribute in a meaningful way. I’m studying patterns of problems and seeking out opportunities to create long-needed change.

Part of my process is to organize all the information I’m finding from trusted sources. I’ve been compiling book recommendations, websites, videos, articles, and other resources into a Google Document. This made it easier for me to track it all, take notes, and make a list of actions.

To support others who may also feel a bit challenged on what to do, I’ve embedded the Google Doc I made below (which you can also access by clicking here). Please share this page with anyone else you know who could use it.

If you have suggestions for additional resources and action steps, please leave them below in a comment and I’ll curate those that fit in the document ASAP. I also welcome your feedback about how I can be doing better to support people of color during this moment (and beyond).

I hope this helps you too. We’re all in this together.