Looking for a simple way to destress and/or sleep better? What if this change could also boost your mood and relax you inside and out? Yes, please! Fortunately, there’s an easy tweak you can make to achieve all of this: increase your magnesium intake.

That’s right. Magnesium is key to physical and mental calm. This crucial mineral is virtually essential for helping you cope with stress because it helps repair stress placed on your cells. It also plays a big role in having healthy bones, heart, nervous system, immune system, blood glucose levels, energy production. Some forms of magnesium are even helpful for constipation!

It’s estimated that upwards of 80% of Americans are magnesium deficient. This is likely due to high amounts of stress, consumption of processed foods and sugar-loaded beverages (and alcohol), heavy exercise and digestive challenges. Symptoms of magnesium deficiency include low energy and fatigue, physical weakness and muscle cramps.

You can increase your magnesium through food, such as high-quality coffee, tea, chocolate, organic spices and green vegetables. I’ve linked to some of my favorite nutrient-rich brands because not all food products are created equally!

To ensure that I’m getting enough magnesium in my body, I use supplements and body care. There are many magnesium choices available in capsule, liquid and powder form. My current favorite is Ionic Fizz by Pure Essence, which you can try for 25% off with free shipping hereWatch this video to learn about two other forms of magnesium I use and how they’ve made a big difference in my health.

Consuming more magnesium can have the benefit of anti-stress and anxiety, promoting relaxation, achieving deep and restful sleep, relieving muscle cramps and constipation. With all that said, it’s essential for daily life!


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