You Are Worthy

Beyond Measure

Enter into a safe, supportive space to make a true connection with other heart-centered people.

Special Love Yourself First offer: a free trial of the weekly group coaching program.

The Beyond Measure community is your online space to share whatever’s on your heart without judgement.

Ask questions

A friendly, safe place to interact and learn from different perspectives. Everyone is free to be who they are. It’s laid back, enjoyable and judgement free.

Navigate challenges

An inclusive community where you can come, be your true self, and engage safely about a wide range of topics. If you’re feeling stuck, we’ll help guide you out.

Get support, tips, & resources

Gentle accountability. It’s a place to listen and a place to share. It’s a place to help and be helped. It’s a place where members feel they can exhale. Explore, transform, and discover.

Friends, not friend requests.

This is real-time connection outside of social media. It’s like a Facebook group (without Facebook) and direct messaging beyond Instagram. Beyond Measure is powered by Circle, an amazing community platform without ads or distractions.

Your Kind of People

The Beyond Measure community is a group of like-minded, heart-centered individuals who desire to deepen their connection to themselves through personal awareness.

Quality > quantity. It’s a small, supportive group of peers from different background at various stages of our lives. We are diverse and values-driven. 

We gather regularly (online) to tune into our hearts through discussions, live events, and personal connections.

Together, we:

👯 Have meaningful connections

🌱 Get inspired, learn and grow through deep conversations;

🎢 Get bold and dream adventurously together

Lead By Whitney

Beyond Measure evolved out of Whitney Lauritsen’s desire to deeply connect with people online without the superficial and judgement experiences of social media.

She started the community in June 2020 and has been blown away by the soulful members who have joined and helped shape Beyond Measure.

Friendships built on real talk, vulnerability, support, and trust.

Want to explore Beyond Measure and the weekly group coaching?

Come check it out and see if it feels right for you.

Try out the group coaching for free and then decide if you’d like to continue at $20/month.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” ~ Marianne Williamson