I know how overwhelming it can be to sift through millions of YouTube channels, so I wanted to share with you my 19 favorite channels that I recommend (in addition to mine, Eco-Vegan Gal).

If you’re looking for content on veganism, sustainability, and wellness, check these out (in no specific order).

  1.  Jason Wrobel
  2. Vince Lia
  3. Food Heals
  4. What a Vegan Eats
  5. Esther The Wonder Pig
  6. Vegan Beauty Review
  7. World of Vegan
  8. Brown Vegan
  9. Food Babe
  10. The Blender Girl
  11. Ron & Lisa
  12. Summer Rayne Oakes
  13. Chew on Vegan
  14. Edgy Veg
  15. The Vegan Zombie
  16. Tim Ferriss
  17. Matt D’Avella
  18. Lauren Toyota
  19. blogilates

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