Just because you choose to eat a low-carb, keto, or plant-based diet, doesn’t mean you have to give up noodles and pasta dishes! In fact, there are several grain-free options that are very satisfying and versatile.

Here are some of my favorite low carb noodles and how I like to use them:

  1. Hearts of palm noodles (such as Palmini:) great in Italian dishes like pesto, cheese, tomato sauce, etc. There’s also a palm lasagna size from Natural Heaven. (pictured above).
  2. Kelp noodles (such as Sea Tangle): great in pesto (if softened)
  3. Shirataki noodles (such as Miracle Noodles): great in soups, pasta dishes and curries. Some brands don’t need to be refrigerated so they’re handy to keep around.
  4. Edamame and mung bean noodles, (such as those from Explore Cuisine) are delicious in Asian and Italian dishes. Check the nutrition facts to ensure they aren’t too high in carbs, as the net carbs range from product to product.
  5. Zucchini noodles: are delicious in most dishes. Enjoy them raw or cooked. You can buy them pre-made and they are easy to make, all you need is a spiralizer! Some stores even sell them already spiralized.

What are your favorite keto-friendly noodles? Let me know in a comment below!

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