I’ve used a lot of different vegan skincare brands over the years. In addition to choosing products that are cruelty-free, I also prioritize those made without potentially harmful chemicals. Truth be told, vegan and harmless don’t always go hand in hand.

Just because a product doesn’t contain animal ingredients doesn’t mean that it’s not harming your long term health. It can be a bit tricky and feel overwhelming to figure out what skincare lines are good for your body, animals and the planet. I often cross-reference products recommended by organizations like PETA as well as the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database and Cosmetic Research Lab. It’s also helpful when companies display terms like “vegan”, “cruelty-free” and “environmentally friendly ingredients” right on their packaging and website.

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This is one of the reasons I started using SkinSanity: they check off the boxes I value. Their skincare is made from plant-based, sustainable, organic, and gluten-free ingredients. They’re even farm-fresh and one of their taglines is “Farm to Formula“.  Reading through their story, what they stand for and how their products are made gave me chills. They stand for transparency, they put their customers first, they implement functional medicine principals, they strive for minimal impact on the Earth, and the company supports the agricultural community, fair trade, human rights, and fair pay. Knowing all of this, I had to try them.

After filling out an intake form about my skin routine and condition, Tomorrows Leaf, creators of SkinSanity, sent me four products to use:

  1. Age Reverse Super Serum
  2. La Creme De Terre Night Repair Cream
  3. Intensive Body Moisturizer
  4. Youth Restore Mud Treatment

All of their products smell amazing and feel wonderful on my skin. There’s also something about the packaging that makes me feel luxurious when applying it. It reminds me of a body care line you’d find in a high-end store. As far as I know, you can only buy SkinSanity online (good thing they offer free shipping!)

I use the Serum on my face morning and night, the facial Repair Cream at night (after applying the serum), the Body Moisturizer all day every day, and the Mud Treatment once or twice a week (usually during baths, as seen in the video).

SkinSanity was recommended to me by a vegan friend in her 40s who swears by this product line, especially to help her look youthful and age well. I deeply trust her judgment when it comes to high-quality skincare because, like me, she’s tried a lot of brands. Now I understand why she loves this line so much and I’m thrilled to join her as a brand ambassador.

Have questions about my experience with SkinSanity? Let me know in a comment or reach out on social media and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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