My coffee routine recently became eco-friendlier and far less expensive. I used to buy bottled organic cold brew or nitro coffee, which was pricey and a bit wasteful (even though I recycled the glass and cans). Then I switched to cold brew pods and packs, which were slightly more cost-effective but still involved waste (packaging and filters). I even tried DIY cold brew and never quite got the process right. Then I spotted Crema Joe’s stainless steel capsules on Instagram and I felt like I finally found the perfect solution.

I’ve had a secret love for Nespresso machines for years (they’re so convenient, fun and make delicious espresso) but always felt guilty about the waste involved, so I held off on buying one. Until I discovered WayCap reusable capsules.

I reached out to Crema Joe and they sent me a care package of their amazing stainless steel pods, sustainably grown espresso grind coffee and eco descaler for the Nespresso machine I recently purchased with their pods in mind. I’ve been using their WayCaps and coffee for the past few weeks and it’s truly been life-changing for me. I compost the coffee grounds, it produces fantastic espresso and it’s incredibly cost-effective. Plus, unlike most Nespresso capsules you buy at the store, you can choose the organic, fair trade, ethically produced coffee of your choice! Winning all around.

This is NOT a sponsored post. They sent me products in exchange for an honest review. If you’re a coffee lover like me who owns a Nespresso machine, I can’t recommend Crema Joe enough. If you’ve been secretly lusting after a Nespresso machine, now you can buy one guilt-free! 

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