Find Harmony with Your Body and Mind

Whitney is working on her next project and would love to have you part of the process.

Join her body positive journey to find a  supportive lifestyle that leads to a healthy figure and beautiful mind.

“Healthy Balanced Body” ebook

A mind-body manual to inspire and guide you towards feeling great in your body through food, fitness, and mindfulness.

Whitney shares personal stories of her eating disorder recovery and experiments with diets and workouts. Plus, helpful advice she’s learned from leading experts in the vegan food and fitness world.

Together, you’ll work on overcoming the challenges in finding harmony with the body and mind.

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Order now and receive weekly excerpts from the upcoming book as Whitney completes it. You’ll also get to share your feedback on the content and new cover design!

Balanced Body Collective

Want support with feeling in harmony with your body? Join a limited time offer to connect deeper with Whitney and like-hearted people as they explore food, fitness and mental wellbeing.

In her body positive book and program, Whitney will share how she overcame an eating disorder, adopted a plant-based diet, and learned to embrace her body, flaws and all.

When you sign up for this 2-month program you’ll receive:  

  • Group support calls with Whitney twice a month
  • Access to a private, body positive online community
  • Weekly emails from Whitney containing tips, words of encouragement and member-only videos
  • Direct email communication with Whitney whenever you need it
  • An advanced copy of the “Healthy Balanced Body” ebook
  • BONUS: a special gift in the mail from Whitney

About Whitney

Whitney was at war with her body for most of her life. At the young age of 10, she got it in her head that her body needed to be thinner in order for her to be accepted. A few years later, she developed disordered eating habits that followed her into college. Through the support of therapy, she addressed some of the underlining issues and started the journey to recovery.

In 2013, Whitney adopted the plant-based diet and it completely changed her relationship with her body. This new way of eating brought her a new level of joy and connection with the food on her plate. Whitney has spent the past 16 years learning about the impact food has on the body, the planet and animals.

Through her work with Eco-Vegan Gal, Whitney has experimented with many versions of the plant-based diet, from low carb to high carb, raw to cooked, cleanses to indulgences. She has spent years studying resources on vegan health and fitness and testing out what she learns along the way.

This new project is the culmination of her personal experiences, research and a calling to help others live in harmony with their bodies.