I’d love to collaborate on a room as a co-moderator or guest speaker.


  • Clubhhouse moderation training with Bryan McElderly
  • TikTok tips with Cassie Sorenson & Vanessa Bahena
  • Natural products pitch room with Jason Wrobel & Greg Fleishman
  • Introverted business owners with Monica Schrock
  • Marketing hot seats with Chris Vaglio
  • Digital minimalism with Adam Yasmin
  • Mindful eating with Lydia Pattison & Donna Jones


  • Authentic entrepreneurship
  • Mindful social media
  • Wellness & mental health
  • Inclusivity & allyship
  • TikTok
  • Clubhouse best practices
  • Podcasting

About Me

Podcast host, social media advisor, TikTok creator, and well-being coach sharing practices that elevate body, mind, & planet.


Co-creator of Dolphin Tank weekly pitch room for natural products industry professionals with Greg Fleishman and Jason Wrobel


Advising creative entrepreneurs with digital marketing that amplifies their passions without compromising their ethics.


TikTok’ing as @whitlauritsen, creating plant-based food + drink recommendations and wellness tips.


Exploring mental health, mindful living, and authentic business on This Might Get Uncomfortable


My superpower: helping people figure things out, especially when it comes to technology and mindset. 

💖 People come to me for non-judgmental support when they’re feeling uncertain, confused, stuck, need help creating a system, or want accountability. 

My career as a wellness content creator began whenI founded Eco-Vegan Gal in 2008. As an advocate for mental well-being, I launched Wellevatr in 2018 and the podcast This Might Get Uncomfortable in 2019. The episodes and online training programs help people elevate their wellness to feel more joyful, vibrant, connected, and fulfilled.

Passionate about business, I regularly coach, consult, and present on social media trends, influencer partnerships, and content monetization. A six-year stint teaching workshops at the Apple Store advanced my tech knowledge and experience. I’ve participated in business programs led by TikTok, Google, Facebook, and Scripps Network. Often recognized by colleagues as a connector, I have run numerous wellness industry events at YouTube Space, the Natural Products Expo, and Clubhouse app.

I minored in psychology while studying film production at Emerson College. I also took classes at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and Boston College.

Now I live in Los Angeles with my dog Evie.